Detailed Results

Everything we do at Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco is focused on helping our members achieve SUCCESS IN LIFE.  The cornerstone of this new effort is a model called the “Success Equation.” It makes clear that when members leave us at age 18, they are equipped with the skills needed for their futures and have achieved the following:

2015 Highlights

  • 56 of 57 of our core seniors* who participated in our College Program program are college bound
  • 286 teens were connected to 306 jobs through the Club
  • Our members completed more than 50,000 hours of volunteer service
  • BGCSF linked our youth to nearly $1.3 million in college scholarships
  • 146 of 148 teens said they feel more confident in their professional skills as a result of BGCSF’s Career Launch program

*core seniors = members who attend the Club and utilize our services on a consistent basis.

2015 Annual Youth Survey Highlights

  • 90% of kids say that one or more staff pay attention to what’s going on in their lives
  • 91% of youth (only asked in youth survey) say that there are one or more staff they could go to for help with a big problem
  • 90% of kids say that there are one or more BGCSF staff they could go to for help in a crisis
  • 96% of kids say that one or more staff say something nice when they do something good
  • 92% of kids say that there are one or more staff they could talk to if they were mad or upset
  • 95% of kids agree that they feel like they belong at the Club
  • 92% of kids agree that they feel respected by staff at BGCSF
  • 95% of kids agree that they have a good time at the club
  • 95% of kids agree that they enjoy coming to the BGCSF
  • 95% of kids agree that there is an adult at the club who always wants them to do their best
  • 91% of kids agree there is an adult at the Club who believes they will be a success

Academic Success

We know that education is the key that will open doors for our youth. Studies show that consistent grade progression and on-time, A-G credit accumulation are critical indicators of academic success. We support members to build their academic skills by providing enrichment programs in Reading, Math and Science. Having our members graduate from high school and attend college or trade school is our ultimate goal.

We are committed to encouraging BGCSF members to: BE High-Achievers, BE Graduates, BE Successful, and BE an Inspiration to younger Club members.

Good Character & Community Engagement

For 120 years, Boys & Girls Clubs has focused on developing positive character traits in young people. Community engagement is equally important to ensuring that our young people develop into productive adults. We provide opportunities for our members to engage in their community through volunteer work and community service projects knowing that this teaches them to take personal responsibility for their community’s well being.

Healthy Lifestyles

Our goal is to make our Clubhouses and Camp the healthiest places for kids in San Francisco by instilling lifelong healthy habits. In order to accomplish this goal, BGCSF provides programs and services for youth to increase their physical activity, develop healthy relationships, avoid risky behavior, gain healthy eating habits, and instill a love of the outdoors. We also provide behavioral health services when needed.

Job Readiness with Earning Potential

We know that our young people need to be ready for the workforce even before they leave us at 18. We work to ensure that our members have the skills, confidence, and knowledge necessary to secure a job with real earning potential, hopefully in conjunction with pursuing a higher education.

Our expected outcomes in this impact area are: 1. Development of soft skills that will lead to successful job performance and 2. Improvement in skills and competencies that relate to career planning & placement.