We Believe in Giving Back

Keystone is a Boys & Girls Clubs of America program that encourages teens, ages 14 to 18, to become leaders in their communities. Members participate in a national service project and are required to raise $3,000 annually to qualify for participation in the Regional and National Keystone Conferences.

Katya, 16 years old
7-year member
Tenderloin Clubhouse

Katya is an active participant in Keystone Club and a Teen Staff Member.

Q: How do you think Keystone has affected your life?
A: Keystone allowed me to have connections with differ-ent organizations, learn how to communicate efficiently and how to be a leader. I’m the oldest of four, and being a leader is important to me. I’m slowly growing but I’m making sure that I learn from my mistakes and not make excuses. Keystone has taught me just that.

Q: What does community ser-vice mean to you?
A: When participating in my community, I feel grateful for who I have become throughout my life. If it wasn’t for the Club, I would probably be home and not making a difference. But I have made a difference in my community. Whenever I think about help-ing others, in a way, I’m help-ing myself. We live in a world where everyone thinks for themselves, but it only takes a couple people to make a difference and leave a smile on someone’s face.

Q: How does the Keystone Advisor support the Keystone Clubs?
A: They have a big influence on us. They are our role models. They teach us valuable skills and we reciprocate that too. My adviser, Jonell, is one of the most influential people in my life. Not only does he guide Keystone but he cares for every single individual just as if we were family. We are family. He leads us in the right direction and is why we received Legacy Status for Keystone. I couldn’t be more proud of the support and devotion he gives to the Keystone Club.

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