Board of Governors

Our Board of Governors are dedicated volunteers who have governance responsibility for Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco’s mission, policies and financial health. Governors commit time, talent and their financial means to ensure the organization succeeds.

Fernando Aguilar
Chad Arkoff
Sanjay Banker
Will Bartlett
Mick Bobroff
Marty Bohlen
Brandon Boze
Bruce Callander
Clark Callander
Lucy Carrico
Curtis Chan
Toney Chaplin
Chris Clifford
Peter Crawford
William Croteau
David Cumming
Holly Depatie
Matt Dillard
John Dissmeyer

Amanda Duckworth
Bob Emery
Alfonso Felder
Julie Flynn
Jamie Ford
Rocky Fried
Gary Guittard
Melinda Haag
Phil Halperin
Gail Hunter
Neha Jogani Narang
Kevin Johnson
Lucinda Lee Katz
Arnie McClellan
Drew McKnight
Stephanie Mellin
Jamie Moldafsky
Jessica Moment
David Murray

Michael Neruda
Brian O’Melveny
Ellen Parsons
Cameron Phleger
Eric Prosnitz
Chris Roeder
Karen Roye
Don Shaver
Jennifer Steinmann
Steve Strandberg
David Strasburg
Greg Suhr
Amy Tamburro
Doug Tom
Brenda Vingiello
Irvenia Waters

Board of Trustees

Trustees are generous community leaders who lend their advice, influence, and financial means to ensure that Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco succeeds in its mission and purpose.  Trustees do not have governance responsibilities.

Larry Baer
Clark Callander
Stacey Case
Mitch Cohen
Michael Depatie
Bill Duhamel
Bob Emery
Bob Fisher

John Fisher
Julie Flynn
Rocky Fried
Phil Halperin
Stephanie Mellin
Jason Moment
Meridee Moore
Ken Olivier

Rose O’Shaughnessy Rosenberg
Jamie Slaughter
Robert Smith
Steve Strandberg
David Tunnell
Jeff Ubben
Doug Wolf

Board Portal

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