Career Connect @ BGCSF

Through career exposure, employment, and an outcomes based curriculum, Career Connect @ BGCSF aims to provide youth with skills and experiences that lead to sustainable and fulfilling careers.


  • Develop leadership skills
  • Develop and strengthen professional competencies
  • Provide networking and internship opportunities
  • Develop viable vocational and academic transition plans

What we offer…

BGCSF Teen Staff Program

The BGCSF Teen Staff Program is a 1 year intensive, paid, job readiness program intended to give quality real world experience that will give youth a reliable base of experience and professional development training to help further their employment and education goals moving forward. Open to youth 14+. Must complete 120 hours of volunteer service to a Club and have a 2.0 GPA.

Camp Mendocino Leaders in Training Program

20 Day Stipend Leadership and Professional Development Program with an emphasis on gaining experience as a youth developer. Participants in the program learn about entrepreneurship, youth development, interviewing, and financial literacy.  Learn More.

Summer Career Exposure Program

The summer Career Exposure Series is an engaging and interactive series of events that introduces teens from across the city of San Francisco to various companies and industries through office visits. In addition to learning about different professions, teens are expected to dress professionally for these events and are coached on professionalism. Industries span from architecture to construction to sustainability to social media.

If you are interested in providing a tour of your offices, speaking to, or mentoring our youth on careers and education, please contact the Director of Citywide Teen Services LaCresha McManus at or call 415-445-5432.

Career Launch

Career Launch is a job readiness program for members ages 12-18. The program is facilitated in collaboration with Boys & girls Clubs of America and the Gap foundation. Career Launch provides an opportunity for Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco members to explore careers and make education decisions based on their professional interests. The program is designed to prepare youth for the workforce through a variety of workshops focusing on job interview skills, job search, resume development, and cover letter writing. Members of Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco also receive the real-world experience by participating in career panels and career exposure events that allow youth to access top level professionals in fields such as architecture, product design, construction, social media, and green industries. Every year over 200 youth at Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco complete the Career Launch program.

Internship Opportunities

BGCSF has developed relationships with for profit companies in the Bay Area that are committed to supporting the success of the San Francisco’s youth. Through these relationships we have established internships exclusively for BGCSF members and alumni. Staff visit teens in these positions and provide ongoing support and encouragement as teens engage in work based learning beyond the Clubhouses.

To learn more about internship opportunities, please contact the Director of Citywide Teen Services LaCresha McManus at or call 415-445-5432.