Excelsior Clubhouse


163 London St.
San Francisco, CA 94112


Elementary School:
Mon-Fri: 2pm-6pm

Middle School:
Mon-Thur: 2pm-7pm
Fri: 2pm-8pm

High School:
Mon & Tue: 2pm-7pm
Wed & Thur: 2pm-8pm
Fri: 2pm-9pm






The Excelsior Clubhouse is located at the Excelsior Youth Center, a city-owned facility that Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco has operated since it opened in 1998.  The facility was built as part of an initiative to bring much needed youth services to the Excelsior District, a community with a very large youth population. The Clubhouse is also utilized by San Francisco Community School, located next door, for PE classes during the school day.  The Excelsior Clubhouse has been nationally recognized for its innovative programs, winning two National Program Excellence Awards in the past decade, and 1 national award for fine arts from Boys & Girls Clubs of America.  The Clubhouse generally serves well over 250 youth per day in the summer and between 155 and 190 youth in the school year.

The Clubhouse facility features a high-school-size gymnasium, learning center, art center, high school services center, middle school room, music studio, games room and a playfield, and is approximately 24,000 square feet.


College Prep

College Prep provides members with mentorship and support to be eligible for post-secondary education beyond graduating from high school to a vocational program, two-year or four-year college. In partnership with the UCSF Early Academic Outreach Program, our education directors and high school services directors guide members through the process of exploring post-secondary opportunities, the college application process, standardized testing, accessing scholarships and financial aid and enrollment support.

Career Connect @BGCSF

Career Connect @BGCSF provides youth with the skills and experiences that lead to sustainable and fulfilling careers, while emphasizing the importance of secondary and post-secondary education. Youth participate in resume and cover letter training, individual career advising sessions, year-round skill-building workshops, internship development and placement, mock interviews and network opportunities with industry executives, to name a few.

Citywide Creative Arts

The Citywide Creative Arts Program is an award-winning and nationally recognized art program that provides top quality art instruction while uniting youth, families and communities in a powerful way across San Francisco. The program includes visual arts (painting, drawing, crafting, photography), performing arts (dance, drama, music instruction, and spoken word) and digital arts.

Basketball & Flag Football

The Excelsior Clubhouse offers the only regulation-sized basketball court in the Excelsior neighborhood. Because of this the Clubhouse has offered high-quality instructional and competitive leagues over the years. We participate seasonally in the BGCSF Winter basketball league for youth ages 6 – 8 and for youth ages 9-12. The Excelsior Clubhouse also participates in the fall flag football league; hosts soccer games; and partners with Acro Sports to bring gymnastics to the Club.

Other programs at Excelsior Club:

K-12 Academic Support, Tutoring, Mentorship, STEAM Programs, Torch Club, Keystone Club, Teen Internship Programs, Social Recreation, Team Sports ( Note: Some sports are seasonal and not offered year round. Please call the Clubhouse to check current offerings.)



Jennifer Snyder
Clubhouse Director

Kevin Wilson
Assistant Clubhouse Director

Ashley Simmons
Education Director

Erik Neri
Athletic Director

Chris McNevin
Art Coordinator

Daniel Villegas
Youth Development Coordinator

Sophie Weissbourd
Youth Development Coordinator

Earl Declet
High School Services Director

Shawn’te “Nicole” Smith
Youth Development Coordinator

Jontonette “Star” Clark
Middle School Director

Brittney Jackson
Administrative Assistant



School Bus Transport provided by BGCSF from Longfellow Elementary & Denman Middle School
Safe walk from Monroe Elementary provided by BGCSF
School Bus Transport provided by SFUSD for Hillcrest Elementary School