Health and Life Skills

Empowering youth to make healthy choices

We empower youth to make healthy choices that set them up for success in school and their daily lives.

Every day at the Club, we provide nutritious snacks and fun, engaging fitness activities to get Club members excited about leading a healthy lifestyle. Through our health education, behavioral health services, and nutrition programs, we teach youth how to nurture their own wellbeing, helping them succeed in school and grow into happy and healthy adults.

Signature Programs

Our Clubhouses provide opportunities for fitness and health education that fit their Club members' interests. Please contact your local Clubhouse for programs offered.

Behavioral Health Services

We provide comprehensive mental health support for Club members. Seven of our Clubhouses offer ongoing direct services for youth, while our other locations provide as-needed support.

Physical Activity

We encourage Club members to be active for at least 30 minutes every day. Club members can participate in our competitive sports or non-traditional sports, including running, biking, and floor hockey.


The Edible Schoolyard at the Willie Mays Clubhouse gives Club members unique access to a large garden and cooking classes. Gardening programs are also offered at other Clubhouses across the city.

Healthy Decision Making

Our hands-on decision-making program teaches youth critical social and emotional lessons, like how to resist peer pressure and the consequences of decisions.

Vision Services

We offer gift certificates to vision service providers so youth and their adult family members can access free eye exams and glasses.

Healthy Relationships Program

We promote abstinence as the only 100% safe method to avoid the physical and emotional risks inherent in sexual activity. We also teach youth how to talk about health-related issues and provide information on birth control and STI prevention.