Building confidence and discipline

Our sports programs help Club members learn a new skill, develop confidence and discipline, and build lasting friendships.

All year long, our coaches and staff build relationships with members through a wide variety of coed sports, including indoor flag football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and swim. Through sports, Club members learn that exercise can be a fun and fulfilling part of a healthy lifestyle. Many of our top athletes go on to receive athletic scholarships for college because of the athletic skills that they acquire at BGCSF.

Signature Programs

Our Clubhouses provide diverse athletic opportunities that fit their Club members' interests. Not all programs are offered at every Clubhouse. Please contact your local Clubhouse for more information about sports programming.

rebels basketball

San Francisco Rebels Basketball Program

Our year-round, nationally-ranked basketball program gives youth the opportunity to compete in tournaments, receive academic support, and participate in community service.

swim academy

Swim Academy at Don Fisher Clubhouse

Our comprehensive swim program at the Don Fisher Clubhouse offers affordable swimming classes and the opportunity to join a competitive swim team.

Junior Giants Baseball

Our Junior Giants baseball program is hosted in the summer to help youth stay active and compete outside of the school year.


Indoor and outdoor soccer games are hosted all year long at Clubhouse locations across the city.