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The Wilde

San Francisco-based musician, The Wilde, will donate 0.25 to BGCSF for every “LIKE” of his Facebook page and 75% of the profits from a download of his music.

A San Francisco-based musician, The Wilde, has offered to donate 25 cents to Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco for every “like” of his Facebook page, and 75% of the cost for every song downloaded, until December 25.

Head over to his Facebook page and “LIKE” it up!

“I’m a new musician, but I’m trying to create a network of fans around the country, and maybe even the world so I can start touring soon,” Wilde said.

“My music is a vehicle to help myself and others overcome anxieties, depression, and other fears about growing up. Being pretty introverted and self-conscious myself, I always felt like I had a hard time fitting in because I was always over-thinking everything, so my music is an honest confession of my thoughts.”

The offer expires December 25, so head on over and ‘LIKE’ Wilde’s Facebook page or download one of his songs today.

Written by Ian Gardiner - All stories by Ian