In-Kind Donations

Making an in-kind donation is a great way for you to contribute to the organization and help us reduce our costs.

We welcome in-kind service contributions including but not limited to:

  • Legal work
  • Marketing/Digital marketing¬†support
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Management consulting

Donation of Items

We occasionally accept donations of items for use in our Clubhouses or office if they are in excellent condition. If you have furniture to donate, please send clear photos of the items to Senior Director of Operations Harold Love at or contact Harold at 415-445-5488.

To donate special event tickets or miscellaneous items, contact Executive Assistant Lisa Rosete at or 415-445-5401.

Although we appreciate your generosity, due to an abundance of certain donations we are NOT able to accept any of the following items at this time:

  • Couches
  • Technology
  • Exercise equipment
  • Appliances

Donation of Goods or Services

We also accept donated services and supplies that support our events, including:

  • Graphic design and printing
  • Gift certificates
  • School supplies
  • Holiday gifts

We are also able to receive some food and beverages from qualified restaurants and vendors for use in our cooking programs and at various events throughout the year. To offer your goods or services for one of our events, please contact our Special Events Manager, Marissa Angulo at 415-445-5481.

The Community Thrift Store is a community resource that will credit us with donations made in our name. Consider making a donation to them if we are unable to use the item. You can contact them at 415-861-4910 or GO HERE.