Tutoring/Homework Help

Homework Helpers & Evening Tutors are needed for at least one hour a week to help Club kids with their homework. Grade levels of Club kids vary but focus mostly on elementary school levels. Our Clubhouses seek homework helpers and one-on-one tutors Monday through Thursday between the hours of 3pm – 5pm. Volunteer needs and hours may vary by location.

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Sports/Health & Fitness

Teach kids how to play sports and/or how to be physically active! Volunteers are needed for at least one hour a week to help Club members learn fundamentals of sports, new fitness skills, and a love of being active.


Art/Performing Arts

Share your love of art with kids by supporting our Art Programs. Engage Club members in various art projects such as drawing, photography, pottery, graffiti art, ceramics and more, as well as help to set up and/or clean up art room spaces. Volunteer needs and hours may vary by location.



Help Club members learn basic skills in gardening and cooking. Volunteer needs and hours vary by location. Volunteers are needed for 1-2 hours per week.

We have individual volunteer opportunities at all of our clubs and hold volunteer orientations monthly. This process is for adult volunteers (18+).  Youth volunteers should contact their local Clubhouse for volunteer opportunities.


Step 1:

Sign up for a volunteer orientation on our Volunteer Portal

Step 2:

Attend a Volunteer Orientation: We hold them monthly throughout the year.

Step 3:

Clear a background check: You can get this done at the volunteer orientation or on your own.

For more information about the Volunteer Program, please visit the FAQ page.


We are always looking for volunteers who are able to commit to one or two hours per week, for at least two months. The times of greatest need for volunteers are weekdays from 2pm – 6pm. Some short-term projects and single-event opportunities arise occasionally.
Volunteer groups can assist in a variety of ways from supporting our youth programs to beautifying our clubs.  Clubs members and staff benefit greatly from volunteer groups by the capacity and support they bring to the youth and staff.  We look forward to planning an engagement opportunity with your group!

Types of Volunteer Activities

Beautification/Daylong Projects

Projects may include painting Clubs, tending gardens, organizing Club areas, “spring-cleaning,” or mural projects.  Your efforts positively impact our youth by enhancing their environment and showing that the community cares about them and their Clubhouse.  Please note that expenses involved with beautification projects need to be covered by the volunteer group.


Youth Interactions

Connecting you directly with our members demonstrates what we are all about!  Through participating in activities such as tutoring, art projects, science experiments, or even leading themed carnival games – your group will be a positive force in the lives of our Club kids.



Step 1:

Submit the Corporate/Group Volunteer Form

Step 2:

We will reach out to you within 5 business days to start the coordination process.

Group Size

Volunteer projects can accommodate anywhere from five to 50 people.  Please note that larger groups (15 or more) take additional planning and consideration.  For large groups, please allot a minimum of a three month planning period.

Club Locations & Hours

BGCSF has eight Clubhouses in the city of San Francisco (find a Club).  Volunteer groups are welcome at all Clubhouses, yet project locations offered differ based on Clubhouse needs. Volunteer project hours vary depending on the project chosen.  All volunteer visits will fall on weekdays (Monday to Friday), sometime between 10am – 6pm.


Ways that your company/organization can deepen your impact include:

Event Sponsorship

Youth of the Year (Feb. 2017), Annual Gala (May 2017), Golf Tournament (August 2016)

Program Support

Education, Art, Technology, Sports, Career Counseling, and more

Gift Matching

Employee matching gifts or volunteer-matching programs

Connect with Us

To learn more about Event Sponsorship, Program Support, and/or Gift Matching, send us a message below. To sign up for a group volunteer project, submit the Corporate/Group Volunteer Form. For more information about the Volunteer Program, please visit the FAQ page.

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