If you’re a student between the ages of 13 and 18, a full-range of special activities and programs has been designed just for you.

The Club is a safe place where you can come to hang out, have fun and spend time with friends. Plus, most of our Clubs have dedicated Teen Centers serving teens only, as well as weekly teen nights.

The Club is open every day after school, on most holidays, and throughout the summer. So, just call or stop by one of our locations to become a member. We’ll be happy to give you a tour and assist you in completing a membership form.

Camp food or jobs

Featured Teen Programs

Teen programs and activities will help you succeed in school, explore careers and find employment, stay healthy, pursue diverse interests and have fun while you’re at it! Programs include:

Computer Training
College Tours
Money Management
Fine Arts
Swimming Courses
Recording Studio
Job Training
Camp Mendocino
Leadership Training

Other teen programs include: Performing Arts, Girls-Only Sports Leagues, Teen Nights, Career Connect, BGCSF Job Readiness Programs, High School Exit Exam Prep, College Prep, Resume Writing, Teen Staff Positions, and Leaders in Training (LIT) Positions at Camp Mendocino. There are even more programs at the bottom of this page!

For more information about teen programs, please contact LaCresha McManus, Director of Citywide Teen Services, at lmcmanus@kidsclub.org or 415-445-5432.


Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco seeks to provide financial support for members who have made the commitment to academic success and service to their Club/Camp and community.

Through generous donations, we are able to offer several scholarships annually to members who wish to pursue a post-secondary education.

We also help our members seek out and apply for additional scholarships, as well as provide financial support for college application and testing fees. This year, our members received over $300,000 in academic and sports scholarships. Read more about our members’ Academic Success here.

For more information about scholarships, please contact Brian Sauer, Director of Citywide Education, at bsauer@kidsclub.org or (415) 445-5414.

Helpful Links for Teens

http://www.jcyc.org/ (Japanese Community Youth Council)
http://www.ehss.org/ (Enterprise for High School Students)
http://www.ccsf.edu/Campuses/ (City College of San Francisco)
http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ (FAFSA)
http://www.myeep.org/ (Mayor’s Youth Employment and Education Program)
http://www.jvs.org/ (Jewish Vocational Services)
http://www.jumaventures.org/ (Juma Ventures)
http://www.cccco.edu/ (Community Colleges California)
http://www.calstate.edu/ (State University links)

More Teen Programs

Career Launch: Developed by The Gap Inc., this program provides teens with the hard skills they need to get a job, including resume and cover letter writing, effective job search strategies, interviewing skills, and how to dress for success in an interview and on the job.

Money Matters: Developed by Charles Schwab & Co., Money Matters helps teens gain financial literacy skills. The program allows teens to explore fun ways of learning the difference between financial needs and wants, how to create a personal budget, and wise use of credit, savings and investment.

Keystone Club: Keystone is a national program that encourages teens ages 14 to 18 to become leaders in their communities through civic engagement and service learning. Keystone Clubs participate in a national service project and are required to raise $3,000 annually in order to qualify for participation in the Regional and National Keystone Conferences.


In March 2016, 23 BGCSF Keystone Club teens and four advisors attended the 49th annual National Keystone Conference in Dallas, Texas.

Torch Club: Torch Club is national program that fosters the character and leadership skills of 11 to 13 year olds. Torch Clubs develop and implement their own volunteer and community service activities.

Formal Mentorship: This is a mentoring and tracking system that allows staff to guide teens as they move through high school. Club staff (who have a personal relationship) regularly meet with each teen individually to formally check in on a variety of areas, including academics, extra curricular activities, high school graduation requirements, family, Club and community involvement. Staff keep records of these meetings, creating a portfolio that tracks each teen’s progress through high school.

College Prep: This program provides teens with much needed information and a timeline for the college application process. Topic areas for this program include the A to G requirements for California high school graduation, the difference between community college, 4-year state and UC schools, and private colleges. Teens gain time management skills, attend local college fairs, receive support filling out college applications and FAFSA forms, and gain exposure to grants and scholarship information. They are also eligible for free SAT test prep classes. College Prep culminates with a College Tour during spring break. The College Tour often serves as a teen’s first exposure to universities/colleges outside of San Francisco.

2016_vivi & elmer_KIPP_teen_staffTeen Staff Program: The Teen Staff Program provides on-the-job training and support for teen members at the Club. All teen staff make a one-year commitment to serving their Club and participate in monthly trainings on topics such as public speaking, effective facilitation, and boundaries. Teen Staff must maintain a 2.0 GPA while participating in the program. BGCSF provides one-on-one tutoring and formal mentorship for teen staff.

Youth of the Year: Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco’s Youth of the Year (YOY) Program works with teens who have been identified by Club staff for their outstanding work in academics, community service, character development and service to their Club. YOY is a national competition and scholarship program.

BGCSF YOY have the opportunity to receive up to $30,000 in scholarship money for college. Youth of the Year participants complete a series of workshops that place a heavy emphasis on essay writing, team building, and public speaking. This program runs from October-January and culminates in a YOY competition in which a citywide winner is chosen. This youth then moves on to the next round of competition through Boys & Girls Clubs of America.