Success Stories!

Board of Governors

Members of our Board of Governors generously commit their time, talent, and financial means to ensure our Club members from across the Bay Area have access to our high-quality programs. All of our Board Members hold governance responsibility for our mission, policies, and financial health.
Fernando Aguilar

Chad Arkoff

Sanjay Banker

Will Bartlett

Mick Bobroff

Marty Bohlen

Brandon Boze

Bruce Callander

Clark Callander

Lucy Carrico

Curtis Chan

Chris Clifford

Rob Connolly, President

Peter Crawford

David Cumming

Holly Depatie

Matt Dillard
John Dissmeyer

Joseph Elefante

Bob Emery

Julie Flynn

Jamie Ford

Rocky Fried

Gary Guittard

Melinda Haag

Phil Halperin

Neha Jogani Narang

Lucinda Lee Katz, Vice Chair

Arnie McClellan

Drew McKnight

Thayer Meicler

Stephanie Mellin, Chair

Jen Millet

Jamie Moldafsky
Michael Neruda, Treasurer

Brian O'Melveny

Ellen Parsons, Secretary 

Cameron Phleger

Eric Prosnitz

Chris Roeder

Karen Roye

Robert Schiff

Don Shaver 

Jennifer Steinmann

David Strasburg

Greg Suhr

Amy Tamburro

Doug Tom

Brenda Vingiello

Irvenia Waters

Success Stories!


Our Trustees are generous community leaders who lend their advice, influence, and financial means, allowing us to positively impact Club members from across the Bay Area, today and for generations to come.
Mitch Cohen, Chair

Stephanie Mellin, Immediate Past Chair

Larry Baer

Stacey Case

Michael Depatie

Bob Emery

Bob Fisher
John Fisher

Julie Flynn

Rocky Fried

Phil Halperin

Meridee Moore

Ken Olivier

Rose O'Shaughnessy Rosenberg
Jamie Slaughter

Robert Smith

Dan Springer

Steve Strandberg

David Tunnell

Doug Wolf

Success Stories!

NextGen Council

The NextGen Leadership Council, established in 2015, is a group of young professionals who support the mission of Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco. The group’s purpose is to establish BGCSF’s next generation of leaders, advocates, volunteers, and donors. In its first three years, NextGen has raised more than $300,000 in support of BGCSF, volunteered thousands of hours, and contributed new energy, ideas, and talent to the organization.
Amelia Aitken

Jenai Akina

Aaron Apolonio

Mia Barnett

KT Barous

Erin Biswell

Maria Bolin*

Colin Bourdin

Sammy Brown

Eloise Callander

Emily Carter

Michael Chou

Leah Conder

Lindsay Corley

Lauren Czorniak

Troy D'Amico

John Deggelman

Laura Del Beccaro*

Morgan Dickerson

Riles Egeland

Hans Miguel Esguerra

Blair Evans

Kristian Fennessy

Dillon Foehr

Matt Freund

Nicole Guido-Estrada

Lucas Hahn

Molly Hale*

RJ Halperin*

Claudia Han

Jessica Harada

Anna Hetzner

Nick Hutter

Jamie Hutter

Alex Janeck

Jess John

Alex Kearns

Gaelan Kerr-Koppel

Vijay Krishnan

Kaitlyn Landers

Aidan Leonard

Brian Lewis

Zachary Lindberg

Nancy Liu

Peter LiVolsi

Kimberly Macniak*

Megan Madan

Jack Mahoney

Dennis Mahoney*

Kyle McAndrews

Jordan McCarthy

Rahul Misra*

Ashley Moore

Aliyah Morphis

Brooke Nelson

Kristen Nelson*

Mina Park

Christine Perocchi

Kasey Quon

Venkat Rao

Chase Rapp

Elizabeth Russell

Bojan Savanovic

Danielle Sercu

Avi Shah

Meeri Shin

Alexa Sol

Kristen Stotts*

Conner Thomas

Jeremy Tobin

Blake Van Grouw

Sugu Venkatachalam

Charlotte Wang

Kayla Ward

Janelle Waters

Anita Wong 
*Steering Committee Members