College Prep

Building Great Futures.

We are committed to seeing young people achieve their dreams.

At BGCSF, we provide comprehensive college prep guidance and resources that help youth acclimate to the idea of college and position them to succeed once there. Our skilled and caring staff introduce the idea of college to youth at an early age and build relationships with them to ensure they’re on the right academic track. We place an emphasis on helping youth to build the confidence and drive they need to realize their ambitions of academic success beyond high school.

Once college is within sight, BGCSF staff help teens achieve academic excellence and navigate the complexities of the college application process. Through supportive activities, our staff provide an outstanding opportunity for youth to build a strong foundation for their adult lives.

Our College Prep programming includes everything students need to succeed. Below are details on our College Prep offerings.

College Tours

In middle school and high school, BGCSF staff take members on tours of universities to give them a glimpse of college life and help them become familiar with what it takes to succeed in college. The tour is designed for our members to see themselves on a college campus and to give them the opportunity to meet college students and counselors that can provide answers about college life, financial aid, registration, and more. These college tours are often a member’s first opportunity to see college life outside San Francisco and help them understand the commitment that college requires. 

Test Prep Support

Rooted in professional curriculum, BGCSF’s SAT/ACT test prep support helps teens familiarize themselves with standardized testing strategies and gain confidence as they strengthen their knowledge and get ready for these important tests.

Free Tutoring

We partner with Aspire Education Project to provide professional one-on-one and small group tutoring sessions for members who may be struggling in certain subjects or with particular concepts they are learning in school. We compliment this professional tutoring by devoted volunteer tutors who work across ages and skill levels.

Scholarship Opportunities and FAFSA Support

Each year, BGCSF connects graduating members with nearly $1 million in scholarship opportunities. Through scholarships offered exclusively to BGCSF members, BGCA scholarships and partnerships with external scholarship organizations, we ensure that every member has opportunities to help address the financial burden of college. In addition to scholarships, BGCSF also supports youth in completing the FAFSA and navigating the financial aid process.

Fee Assistance

BGCSF offers assistance to Club members for college applications, SAT/ACT tests, or a combination of the two. By providing fee assistance, we help offset the financial burden of the college application process and allow them to focus on the completion of a compelling application. 

Formal Mentorship

BGCSF has a Formal Mentorship program that focuses on youth in grades 6-12. These mentoring relationships cover topics ranging from goal-setting and study skills to leadership and community service. Formal Mentorship is based on a one-on-one model, where each member meets regularly with their mentor for guidance to set and achieve their own academic and personal goals, with a long term goal of building a pathway to post-secondary success.
Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the youth we serve. For a more comprehensive understanding of our College Prep approach, take a look at our blog post on college access for all. For examples of BGCSF's impact on youth, check out our blog posts covering our 12-year member who's a finalist for the National Youth of the Year award, the Trades Fair opportunities we provide to youth not planning on college, and testimonials from two of our outstanding alumni.To learn more about how we help kids succeed in school, visit our academic support page.