Creative Arts

Amplifying youth voice

Our Citywide Creative Arts Program helps youth unleash their creativity, find their voice, and discover their power for change.

Through our connection to the vibrant San Francisco arts community, Club members have unique access to a number of creative arts opportunities. From recording their own music, to showcasing their artwork in a local gallery, to taking dance classes with the San Francisco Ballet, our Club members can learn a valuable new skill while enhancing their confidence, leadership, and professional network.

Signature Programs

Visual Arts

Through drawing, painting, photography, and more, we teach students to use visual art as a lens into their own lives and a tool to affect positive change.

Literary Arts

In partnership with 826 Valencia, Youth Speaks, Mutiny Radio, and more, we help youth cultivate creative writing skills and self-expression.


In partnership with Notes for Notes, Club members have access to two high-quality music studios where they can work with professional music instructors to learn a new instrument and write and record music.

Performing Arts

We offer year-round classes in acting, musical theater, dance and performance for youth of all ages.
Please contact your local Clubhouse for additional programs offered.

Community Partners

A key part of our Citywide Creative Arts Program is our partnerships, which not only enhance members’ experience at the Club, but also expose them to potential career and college opportunities.

Meet Our Youth

"The community, especially youth, have a voice. They want to be able to express themselves and it's important for everyone to be able to help them in their journey of becoming who they want to be."
Tenderloin Clubhouse
"Photography made me open to who I am today. It’s a way that I express my emotions, my ideas, and what I think of myself."
Mission Clubhouse
"Through dance, I feel stronger and more confident."
Don Fisher Clubhouse

Featured Creative Work

We are proud to showcase Club members' creative works at Clubhouses, gallery and museum exhibitions, performance recitals, and dance competitions. Every year, we host Citywide Creative Arts Week, which features youth performances, art exhibits, music and more.