Planned Giving with BGCSF

Leave a Legacy

A planned gift to Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco (BGCSF) is a way to craft a legacy that positively impacts San Francisco youth.

Donors make planned gifts to BGCSF for a variety of reasons. They may wish to support a program about which they are passionate, such as Camp Mendocino or Scholarships, or add to the organization’s endowment to sustain ongoing operations. Regardless of the donor's objectives, through a planned gift they can be intentional about the legacy they leave.
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Join the Legacy Society

Members of the Legacy Society are loyal supporters who believe in the mission of Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco and want to ensure that its valuable, life-changing programs continue to serve future generations. The Legacy Society honors those who have included BGCSF in their estate plans or who have made other planned gifts.

Types of planned gifts include: gifts by will or trust, beneficiary designations in retirement accounts and life insurance policies, and charitable trusts.
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Legacy Society Spotlight
“All of us are connected to the organization in some way, and I hope and expect that relationship to continue well into the future. Our gift supports that relationship, and it’s also a way for Dodie and me to communicate the value of philanthropy with our kids.”
Peter and Dodie Crawford
“I’ve been involved with BGCSF since I was 8 years old. It needs to keep going. I want kids long into the future to have the same opportunities that were given to me.”
Leroy Sims
“Our support of Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco will help youth have opportunities to grow for generations to come. We feel very proud to be a part of BGCSF. We want to serve our community for another 130 years.”
Jennifer and Don Shaver

Ways to Give

There are many ways to make a gift to BGCSF in support of San Francisco youth.  Below we have outlined the most common options. If you are considering a legacy gift we would be happy to arrange a confidential gift planning consultation, without obligation. If BGCSF is already included in your estate plans please let us know so we can invite you to join our Legacy Society. Please contact Jamin Sartor McVeigh, Vice President of Development, at or 415-445-5413.
Our official name is: Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco
Address: 380 Fulton Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: (415) 445-5413
Taxpayer identification number: 94-1156608
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Options for Structuring Planned Gifts

Bequest Through Will or Trust

A simple way to make a planned gift is by designating assets to BGCSF in your will or living trust. Bequests can take a variety of forms:

General bequest:  Gift of a dollar amount or % of assets of the estate.

Specific bequest: Gift of a designated asset or property.

Residual bequest: After all debts, expenses and specific bequests have been paid BGCSF receives a specific dollar amount or a % of the remainder.

Contingent bequest: BGCSF becomes a full or partial beneficiary if certain conditions are met, generally family or friends predeceasing the donor.  

Gift of Retirement Assets

Many donors choose to make BGCSF a beneficiary of their retirement plans, such as an IRA, 401(k) 403(b). BGCSF may be designated as the primary, partial or contingent beneficiary. The gift is easy to make or modify, through the beneficiary designation form provided by the retirement plan administrator. Gifts of tax-deferred assets avoid the deferred income tax obligation and qualify for a charitable deduction.

Gift of Designated Financial Account

BGCSF can be named as a beneficiary of a non-retirement financial account by establishing a transfer at death designation. Assets are transferred directly to BGCSF and avoid probate.  

Gift of Life Insurance Assets

BGCSF can receive proceeds from a life insurance policy through a variety of gift techniques. Gifts may be revocable or irrevocable and can be affected through a Change of Beneficiary form obtained from one's insurance provider.

Charitable Trusts

Trusts that benefit BGCSF can be established either during a donor’s lifetime or at the time of death. Often these trusts are used to reduce gift and estate taxes and provide income to beneficiaries. Below are two common options:

Charitable Remainder Trust: A CRT creates current income for beneficiaries and an income tax deduction for the donor.  When the trust ends, principal passes to BGCSF.  

Charitable Lead Trust:  Through a CLT, BGCSF receives income from the trust for a specified period and principal passes to heirs upon trust termination.  

Community Partners

A key part of our Citywide Creative Arts Program is our partnerships, which not only enhance members’ experience at the Club, but also expose them to potential career and college opportunities.

Useful Information for Advisors

BGCSF does not provide legal or tax advice. The information herein is intended for education purposes only and should not be considered legal, tax, financial or other professional advice. BGCSF recommends that you seek you own legal, tax, financial and other necessary advice in connection with gift planning matters. To ensure compliance with IRS requirements, BGCSF discloses to you that this communication (including any attachments) is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding tax-related penalties.