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8 week Summer memberships are now available across all our Clubs!

$160 for 8 weeks of membership at our Columbia Park Don Fisher, Excelsior, Mission, and Visitacion Valley Clubhouses. 

$40 for 8 weeks of membership at our Sunnydale, Tenderloin, and Willie Mays at Hunters Point Clubhouses 

$20 for summer teen memberships

*Scholarships are available. Please find your Clubhouse and speak to your Clubhouse Director for this pricing.
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New This Summer!

Two week sessions available at our Don Fisher and Excelsior Clubhouses at $50 per two week session!

Don Fisher Clubhouse Two Week Session Themes

Session 1: June 5 - July 18: Space Our members will be blasting into space to explore the known and unknown universe.

Session 2: June 20 - July 2 (closed July 3,  4, and 5): Superheroes From Marvel to DC, our Club calls on our members to unleash their inner hero.

Session 3: July 8 - 19: Animal Kingdom
Oceans, jungles, and plains explore the Don Fisher frontier and embrace your wild side.

Session 4: July 20 - Aug 2: Retro Turn back the clock as we travel back in time to experience old school cool.

Excelsior Clubhouse Two Week Session Themes

Session 1: June 5 - July 18: Builders Club Members engage in hands-on activities that challenge their problem-solving skills and teamwork abilities. Members will construct everything from a variety of materials, fostering their creativity and innovation in a fun and collaborative setting.

Session 2: June 20 - July 2 (closed July 3,  4, and 5) : Mythical Club Members delve into the magical realms of folklore and legend, embarking on quests, crafting mythical creatures, and unraveling the mysteries of ancient myths through storytelling and imaginative activities, sparking their sense of wonder and creativity.

Session 3: July 8 - 19: Challenger's Club
Members dive into a series of thrilling physical and mental challenges designed to push their limits. Learn resilience, teamwork, and leadership skills through obstacle courses to puzzle-solving competitions.

Session 4: July 20 - Aug 2: Artistic Expression Members immerse themselves in a kaleidoscope of creativity, exploring various forms of art from painting and sculpting to music and theater. Members will grow their self-expression and imagination in an inspiring environment.

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Healthy Lifestyles

We provide nutritious snacks, health education, and fitness activities to get youth excited about leading a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to be the healthiest place for youth in San Francisco.

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Academic Success

We provide daily homework help, strong academic mentorship, professional tutoring, and academic enrichment activities that boost success and engagement in school.

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Good Character & Community Engagement

We empower youth to discover their ability to lead through skill-building activities, unique experiences outside the Clubhouse, leadership clubs, and community service opportunities that teach youth how they can make a positive difference in the world.

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Job Readiness

We help youth learn professional skills that they can use in the workplace, preparing them for a career with earning potential. CareerConnect @BGCSF, our job readiness program, works to help our teens figure out their career interests and the right next steps to take with their education.

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