November 18, 2022

Dear BGCSF Families, Friends, Supporters, and Community,

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, I want to call attention to some of the things for which we are grateful and proud.

Above all, we are grateful that our Clubs and Camp continue to thrive, always putting the best interest of our youth members first. In August, we opened our 14 Clubhouses in San Francisco and our second new Club since the start of the pandemic. We now have eight traditional Clubhouses and six School-Based Clubs, as well as Camp Mendocino, in Mendocino County.

Throughout the year, youth turn to BGCSF and our skilled and caring staff to receive educational guidance, engage in career exploration, be mentored, build new skills, and gain confidence. Our beautiful Clubhouses provide a second home for young people all year long. During the holidays, youth and staff come together to celebrate some of the most meaningful traditions of the year.

I want to thank our current members and families for their commitment and trust in our program. I also want to thank our incredible staff for their ongoing dedication. As always, I am grateful to all of our volunteers, including our Board Members, and our donors for making the Club a priority in their lives. Our organization remains strong because of the collective support of our entire community.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco!


Rob Connolly
President, Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco 

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At Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco (BGCSF) the safety of our young people is always our number one priority. Our organization is committed to the highest standards of safety and integrity and has zero tolerance for behavior that harms children. We take pride in the layout and design of our eight traditional Clubhouses, six School-Based Clubs, and Camp Mendocino. To compliment this, our caring staff are focused on providing both physically and emotionally safe places for our children and teens to thrive.

The Connection Between Our School-Based Clubs and Traditional Clubhouses

I have worked for Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco (BGCSF) for 24 years. Throughout my journey from High School Services Director at our Tenderloin Clubhouse, to Clubhouse Director at our Excelsior Clubhouse, to currently overseeing Club operations at our 14 locations across the City (and additional roles in between) I have cultivated a deep understanding of the communities we serve and a true appreciation for how our programming supports our members in the best way possible.