September 19, 2019

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco is privileged to have youth development superheroes who use their powers for the benefit of San Francisco’s next generation. With superhuman skills in education, mentorship, leadership development and more, our staff continually impresses us as much as any masked hero on a movie screen. 

Recently, we were asked to highlight one staff member in recognition of Batman’s 80th anniversary. Though we feel every BGCSF staff member makes our City a better place, we chose to highlight Tenderloin Clubhouse Director Mike Vuong. Read about his extraordinary skills in youth development below. If you’re inspired by Mike’s devotion to youth development, be sure to check out our Careers page to become a superhero yourself!


It’s not just that he’s a massive comic book fan and carries a Batman wallet and backpack. Michael Vuong demonstrates the strength, determination, and courage of Batman in everything he does. He’s that difference-maker who craftily stays out of the spotlight, working his magic behind the scenes every day to better the lives of youth, families, and the community.

Recently, Mike celebrated National Night Out at Boeddeker Park with Assemblyman David Chiu (CA,17) and Patrick Roddy, Site Director of Boeddeker Park.

For the past 17 years, Mike has been an outstanding leader and role model at Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco. To us, he’s a true superhero. As someone who has served in many roles and in multiple communities within the City, Mike has had a powerful and lasting positive influence on an incredible number of youth and families. According to his closest colleagues, Mike’s impact spans generations, with youth and adults of all ages citing Mike as a source of inspiration. He has been a consistent force for good in the lives of youth and families, garnering the trust of those he comes into contact with through consistency and empathy. Every day, Club youth, alumni, and families across the City reach out to Mike for advice and support.

As BGCSF’s Tenderloin Clubhouse Director, Mike oversees a unique and sprawling Club with multiple sites — including a main Clubhouse, a teen center, a middle school services site, and a city park — in one of the most challenging neighborhoods in San Francisco.

Mike with San Francisco Mayor London Breed, former Tenderloin Supervisor Jane Kim, BGCSF youth, and community activists for a Department of Public Works initiative that helped clean the streets and made the neighborhood safer for all.

At his core, Mike fully embodies the idea of “doing the right thing”. Mike’s leadership stems from his firm commitment to always stand on the side of kids. He is fearless in his dedication to safety, his determination to push for equity, and his ability to hold people accountable to the highest standards in the best interest of young people.

Mike is a tremendous team leader who has built an incredibly strong and tight-knit staff who are deeply committed to the Club and our young people. Mike works endlessly to model the way and develop each member of the team so that they can continue to grow within the Club, ensuring that the Club culture and surrounding community will thrive long into the future.

Mike is a leader of leaders. He will do the tough thing so others don’t have to do it.” -- Esan Looper, Senior Director of Club Services

Mike also devotes endless time and attention to the young people in his care. He empowers youth to get involved in their community and become a voice for change. Working with his team, Mike has helped develop an award-winning Keystone Club with teens fully engaged as change-makers in their community― volunteering for neighborhood clean-ups, feeding the homeless, supporting local events, and advocating around youth issues.

Mike with 2017-18 Tenderloin Clubhouse Youth of the Year Wendy K.

A San Francisco native, Mike is dedicated to the success of our Club members and families and to making sure that the work he is doing supports the betterment of the whole community. Through his many acts of community involvement, including serving on the Tenderloin Community Benefit District Board, Mike works diligently to build a safe and supportive environment for the Tenderloin Clubhouse youth. Rooted in community improvement, Mike’s approach helps create a culture of neighborhood pride through ongoing events, programs, and projects.

Boeddeker Park in the Tenderloin has been a major focus for Mike and his team and a huge success for the neighborhood.

An excellent display of Mike’s loyalty to the Club and the community is demonstrated through his central role in the launch of Boeddeker Park. Boeddeker Park is a community-led partnership between San Francisco Recreation & Parks department, BGCSF, and other Tenderloin neighborhood stakeholders. As the park’s Master Tenant, BGCSF helps ensure it stays a fun, bright, and safe place for youth from the neighborhood to gather and thrive. The strong community roots and connections developed by Mike have ensured the park’s success, cementing his status as a Tenderloin superhero.

I honestly believe Mike is our community’s Batman. He shows up when needed, because there isn’t a bat signal. This is what makes him a true hero of our neighborhood. When something’s wrong, he answers the call to aid those in need.” -- Winnie Phan, High School Services Coordinator, Tenderloin Clubhouse

Like the bat-signal lighting up the nighttime sky, Mike’s impact at BGCSF is hard to miss. We are incredibly grateful to Mike for the example he’s set and the positive influence he’s made in the lives of the youth he serves. For your chance to make an impact like Mike, visit our Careers page

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