June 17, 2019

At BGCSF, our greatest asset is our people. Every day, our team of talented and devoted professionals work passionately to ensure positive outcomes for youth. With more than a century of youth development experience, BGCSF has a proven track record of helping young people become successful adults. To continue to meet the high standards associated with our name, we rely on our skilled and caring staff to deliver high-quality programming and serve as a constant positive force in kids’ lives. On Friday, May 31st, we celebrated the outstanding staff who dedicate themselves to our youth at our annual Staff Appreciation Day. BGCSF employees from across our 15 locations and administrative office gathered at the Willie Mays Clubhouse for a day of fun, camaraderie, and recognition for the meaningful work being done throughout our organization.

The day began with a special catered lunch for all staff, after which BGCSF staff came together to recognize how the meaningful connections shared at BGCSF help us better accomplish our mission. BGCSF President Rob Connolly kicked things off by touching on how staff drive home BGCSF’s mission of meeting kids where they’re at, ensuring every Club member feels heard, valued, loved, and understood. This rallying cry reminded those in attendance of the impact BGCSF programs have on the lives of the youth we serve and the difference BGCSF is making across the City.

An awards ceremony followed, with more than 100 BGCSF staff joining together to celebrate one another. Awards were given to staff members who have embodied BGCSF’s values over the past year, contributing to our 128-year track record of excellence. Staff members from each of our 15 locations as well as our administrative staff and leadership team received recognition, with peers providing examples of how each award recipient went above and beyond to ensure BGCSF remains San Francisco’s premier youth development organization.

Following the awards ceremony, many staff took part in team building activities including softball, dominoes, and pizza-making, while others took the opportunity to just hang out and catch up with colleagues. It was a great opportunity for BGCSF staff to make new friendships and strengthen the bonds between colleagues who share the same passion for serving youth.

We would like to again thank our amazing staff for the hard work they do every day at the Club. Serving more than 2,000 youth each day, our staff are the reason why BGCSF continues to function as a bedrock institution for San Francisco after 128 years.

Congratulations to the following Staff of the Year and President’s Awardees! Thank you for your service.

BGCSF Beacon at Carver Elementary School Staff of the Year:

Sydney Dow, Assistant Director

Camp Mendocino Staff of the Year:

Wayne Bohlen, Assistant Camp Director for Operations

Columbia Park Clubhouse Staff of the Year:

Joshlyn Norman, Administrative Assistant

Don Fisher Clubhouse Staff of the Year:

Julia Meier, Education Director

Excelsior Clubhouse Staff of the Year:

Daniel Villegas, Youth Development Coordinator

Gateway Middle and High School Clubs Staff of the Year:

Imani Payton, Program Leader, Gateway Middle School Club

Mission Clubhouse Staff of the Year:

Katharine Swanson, Education Director

OnePurpose School Club Staff of the Year:

Damanique Ia, Program Leader

San Francisco Community School Club Staff of the Year:

Sharice Washington, Program Leader

Sunnydale Clubhouse Staff of the Year:

Phillipp Montgomery, Athletic Director

Visitacion Valley Clubhouse Staff of the Year:

Tanzy Robertson, Middle School Director

Tenderloin Clubhouse Staff of the Year:

Kelsey Rhoades, Middle School Services Director, 201 Turk Site

Willie Mays Clubhouse Staff of the Year:

Every member of the Willie Mays Clubhouse’s incredible staff

Program Services Staff of the Year:

LaCresha McManus, Citywide Director of Teen Services

BGCSF Administrative Office Staff of the Year:

Colin Timmins, Human Resources Manager

Site Director of the Year:

Ashley Munro, Tenderloin Clubhouse Site Director

Clubhouse Director of the Year:

Jennifer Snyder, Clubhouse Director, Excelsior Clubhouse


Rookie of the Year:

Madison Holland, Grants Coordinator

Legacy Awards for Outstanding Contributions to BGCSF:

Harold Love, Vice President of Club Services

Chelsea Murdock, Senior Director of Citywide Services

Outstanding Teamwork:

BGCSF Beacon at Carver Elementary School

Difference-Maker in the Neighborhood:

Tenderloin Clubhouse

Average Daily Attendance Award:

Sunnydale Clubhouse

The President’s Award for Inspiring Clubhouse Space:

Gateway High School

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